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by e-mail or visit us at the truck

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For the best quality experience, nothing beats eating at the truck.

 Let me explain... have you ever ordered french fries from the diner

and by the time you get home and ready to eat

 they're "just not the same" as if you ate them there.

They are still GOOD but would have been better if eat'in there!


We require a deposit of half for all catering

Stop by and try some of our food, we guarantee you will come back for more!


Just so there is no mistake, we ARE NOT a

 lo-fat, lo-carb, health orientated food Truck.


We will however give you a good lunch at a good price.


If you enjoy your lunch and would like us to cater

an event, party, Bar-B-Q, etc…

Let us know at least 48 hour in advance.


Our Hot Dawgs are becoming legendary,

Our Cheese Steaks are out of this world,

the Sausage & Peppers sandwich is the best this side of the Mississippi and now!

The NEW GOURMET DAWGS just brought

Hot Dogs to a whole 'nother level!!!


Stop on by, and give us a try,

You won’t be disappointed!

Hell how many trucks do you know with there own web site?

Established 2002

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